Q: Why my camera cannot connect wireless?

Normally, camera cannot connect WIFI mainly due to wrong settings. Please check the following points:

1)When you click scan button, can the camera find router’s WIFI signal? (should find)
2)When you set SSID for camera, please set it the same as SSID of your router;
3)Wireless key should be the same with router’s wireless key;
4)Whether disable mac address filter or not; (should disable, if you enable mac address filter, please add the camera’s wireless mac address in the allow list)
5)Whether camera is too far from router?(In normal home environment, keep the distance not beyond 20m is better)
6)Check the antenna of the camera fixed well or not.

Firstly, please check when you click scan button, camera can detect the WIFI signal or not. (Normally, it need scan two or more than two times) If it can find, you can click the SSID of your router in the wireless list, then SSID, encryption will be filled in the following boxes automatically. It only need enter the wireless key.
Secondly, if the camera cannot scan router’s WIFI signal, please fill in SSID, encryption and wireless key manually to try.
Lastly, if all the wireless settings have no problem, but the camera still cannot connect WIFI, please try other encryption, even without encryption to test; put the camera near your router to test. If it still can’t connect, please contact our technical support