Personal Affordable CCTV 2 Channel Package 1

The 2 Channel Personal CCTV Package 1 includes an LS-9004H a 4 Channel H.264 standalone DVR (remote viewing and mobile view features) with one LIRDBSL 420 TVL Sony Vandal Proof (Heavy Duty Metal Casing)Dome indoor security CCTV cameras that gives a clear and crisp video feed that doesn’t miss a thing, one LICE24NSL Weatherproof Outdoor CCTV Camera an exceptional performing camera and at a very economical price. it is used widespread for home installations thanks to it’s compact and unobtrusive design. The camera can be mounted at ground floor level (out of arms reach) and withstand tampering,  two 12v 1AMP CCTV Power Supply and a two 20Meters Siamese Cable Video and Power in one cable that can be easily installed.Web Technology offers Warranty beyond any other company our Cameras has 16 Months Warranty, DVR is 14 Months Warranty.

Php 8,720.00

2 Channel CCTV Package

Vandal Proof CCTV Camera

Built in Microphone (Audio- Optional)

LIRDBSL Vandal Proof CCTV Camera is a great choice for an indoor installation. Don’t let the low cost fool you, the LIRDBSL Vandal Proof CCTV Camera is equipped with a GENUINE Colour 1/3? SONY ICX633BK+CXD3142, 420TV Lines Low Illumination chip for an incredibly clear colour picture that won’t miss a thing. It also comes its 24 IR LEDs, gives an incredibly crisp clean picture at night up to 20 Meters away with no video noise! As though that wasn’t enough this camera also has a double glass lens cover so there is no chance of IR bounce. With so many features packed into such a small camera the LIRDBSL Vandal Proof CCTV Camera is a great choice for any project!

A superior quality camera which is hard to beat. A tried and tested camera design throughout the years and very popular with CCTV installers due to it’s high specification and unobtrusive design. The amazing picture quality, colour depth and reproduction is unbelieveable and have to be seen to be apreciated.

Auto Night Vision

Not only do you get crisp colour image in normal light, the camera also has internally housed efficient Infra-red LED’s so the camera can see in total darkness. When the camera detects low light, the internal sensor seamlessly switches the camera’s Infra-red LED’s on and allows it see images in total darkness.

Wide angle lens.

The camera features a 3.6mm wide angle board lens which can capture a larger area without distorting the image or producing a ‘fish eye’ effect.

Automatic Back Light Compensation (BLC).

Differing light conditions aren’t a problem as the Automatic back light compensation (BLC) takes care of contrasting light and adjusts the camera’s electronic shutter accordingly.

High resolution professional CCTV installers quality.

Now you can use the same high quality equipment and specification demanded by professionals on your own DIY CCTV Projects. This camera has a colour 1/3″ colour Sony CCD which offers an amazing high resolution 420TVL (TV lines) picture quality, colour depth and reproduction is unbelieveable and have to be seen to be apreciated.

Vandal Proof Casing.

The camera has a toughened alloy/metal body known as ‘vandal proof’ as it’s designed to withstand reasonable impacts and tampering which makes it ideal for higher risk applications.

Automatic White Balance (AWB).

Unlike cheap CCTV cameras this camera has Automatic White Balance (AWB) which allows images to be reproduced exactly as they should be and without any colour variations or hazes.


SONY 420 TVL Color CCD


IR LED working distance: 20M

OSD Menu controlled by cable button

Lens: Board Lens 3.6mm/F2.0

Dimension:?94 x 69(H) mm


Vandal proof IR Dome Camera

  4 Channel H.264 DVR

This LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR offers advanced features and intuitive, easy-to-use setup menus, giving you the ultimate DVR for flexibility and control. Control cameras individually by resolution, frame rate, and record quality. with four audio inputs and 1 audio output allows you to listen to fully synced audio.

Conveniently export via USB or onto your network in AVI or MP4 format. Comes with mouse, remote control, simplified combination power/camera connection cable, instructions, 16-Months warranty


This 4 channel LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR allows you to record and view up to 4 video cameras simultaneously.

Easy Scheduler

Featuring an intuitive interface, it’s easy to schedule the most simple or complicated weekly recording plans. Record continuously during business hours, and switch to motion detection at night – you have complete control.


Individual Channel Configuration

Individual channel configuration allows you to adjust the color, frame rate, quality, motion detection and recording schedule for each camera being recorded by your LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR . This allows you to optimize your system by allocating system resources to your most important coverage areas without wasting valuable hard drive space or LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR horsepower (FPS, resolution) on the cameras that you don’t care about, You have complete control.

Loss Detection

The automatic video loss detection feature allows you to program your LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR to alert you in the event of a lost camera signal – due to power failure, inclement weather, cut cables or other criminal activity. This event can trigger a recording with other cameras, sirens, lights, or other external devices.

H.264 Compression

H.264 is a stable, proven and widely used compression technology, offering unbeatable recording picture quality and a small compression ratio that saves valuable hard drive storage space (5-10 times smaller than MPEG4).

Motion Detection

The LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR ‘s motion detection feature allows user to pre-define motion detection zones and sensitivity for each individual camera. When motion is detected by the LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR , this will trigger a pre-programmed event — usually recording — or can activate an external device, such as an alarm. The primary benefit is that you record only relevant video, not taking up enormous amounts of hard drive space, and only recording when there is motion in areas you care about. This also saves you from looking thru countless hours of useless video where nothing is happening — instead, you can quickly scan thru the captured activity in the pre-defined area of coverage.

Overwrite Protection

– This optional feature protects your valuable video and audio files from being overwritten by the LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR . The LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR can also be pre-programmed to overwrite when the hard drive is full, which is commonly used for continuous record applications.

HexaPlex Operation

Enables simultaneous live, recording, playback, backup and allowing you to view your LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR locally or via network without stopping recording.

Pre-Alarm Recording

Pre-alarm recording allows your LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR to constantly save a pre-defined length of buffered video, and only record that video when motion is sensed, so that you capture all events leading up to an incident. This feature typically works in combination with your motion detection feature — and is especially powerful when defining a smaller motion detection zone within your camera’s field of view.


This LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR features real-time video recording at 120 FPS @ 352×240 or 60 FPS @ 720×480. This allows you to select either seamless full-motion recording or recording at higher resolutions, which is more important to you.

Video Management

The LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR features several video management tools, including a powerful event search function – via manual search, schedule, motion, sensor, network, or all. This enables your LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR to automatically create a list of events captured by your system — so that you can easily navigate to each event, or look for events within a particular time frame and quickly replay the video. Needless to say, this save you valuable time – especially when the suspect is still making his escape.

Video Output

LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR features selectable video output via BNC and VGA, and is compatible with security or pc-based monitors.

Additional Features and Benefits

AVI Backup

AVI backup provides export your video evidence directly to universal AVI file format, which can be played via Microsoft Media Player on virtually any PC that supports MPEG-4 format for image authentication. This allows you to quickly provide still shots and video clips to the authorities, for easy playback without the need for proprietary software.

Easy Backup

LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR allows for still-image and video data exporting via USB Flash drive or Network, for quick and easy backup of your critical video evidence.

Easy Upgrade

Easily upgrade your system’s software via USB Flash drive, allowing you to quickly and seamlessly leverage new feature introductions and upgrades released from the manufacturer.

Dynamic DNS

Provides easy registration of your LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR , allowing you to locate your LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR on the internet through the client software without requiring a static IP address, so that you never lose access to your security system.

Network Access

Network access, or remote access, is available via built-in Web-viewer allowing you to manage and/or monitor your LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR from a remote location.

PTZ Support

This LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR allows you to control your PTZ cameras both onsite (via RS-485) and remotely (via network).


Design Features and Benefits

Configuration Set-up

The configuration data copy feature allows you to set up one camera, and quickly apply that setup to other channels, saving you valuable time upon installation.

Configuration Export

The configuration file export/import feature allows for the easy installation of multiple LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR s with the same configuration (cloning) — simply install and set up one LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR , then export the configuration file to another. This insures consistent setup of multiple LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR s in a security system, and saves valuable installation time.

Easy Operation

LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR is simple to operate through an instinctive user interface and user friendly controls via front panel, mouse, and IR remote control.

Remote Operation

System includes an IR remote control, allowing you to install your LS-9004h 4 Channel H.264 DVR in a secure, out of reach location and still operate.

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Model LS-9004H
Compression Format H.264
Operating System Embedded LINUX Operating System
User Interface 16-bit true color graphical menu, support for USB mouse operation, with menu notes
Preview resolution 720 x 480 ( NTSC ), 704 x 576 ( PAL ) ; Playback resolution:D1x4
Real time recording support CIF:352×240 with 240 Fps (NTSC); 352×288 with 200 Fps (PAL)
D1:720×480 with 120 Fps (NTSC); 704×576 with 100 Fps (PAL)
Video Input/output BNC 4CH In/ 1CH BNC Out/ 1CH VGA Out
Audio Input/output RCA 4CH In/ 1CH Out
Alarm Input/output Alarm 4CH In/ 1CH Out
Monitor Screen 1 / 4 screen display, PAL D1: 704*576
Local Playback 4CH synchronized playback
Motion Detection PAL 13*10(130); NTSC 13*8(104) 4 grade available
Communication Interface 1 RJ-45 Ethernet connector, Static, Dynamic IP and DDNS , Support Internet Explorer and special client software
Hard Disk 1 SATA Hard Disc interface
USB port 2pc (Mouse port and USB2.0 port)
VGA port 1pc(optional) Resolution:800×600, 1024×768
Special Feature Support remote view by Mobile phone
Power Source 19V/3A
Working Temperature 0℃–+55℃
Working Humidity 10%–90%
Dimension L280 x W229 x H43mm
Weight 3.0Kg

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  • Video Input/Output: BNC 4CH In/ 1CH Out/ VGA 1CH Out
  • Audio Input/Output: RCA 4CH In/ 1CH Out
  • Alarm Input/Output: Alarm 4CH In/ 1CH Out
  • Real time recording support: CIF:352×240 with 240 Fps (NTSC); 352×288 with 200 Fps (PAL) D1:720×480 with 120 Fps (NTSC); 704×576 with 100 Fps (PAL)
  • Preview resolution: 720 x 480 ( NTSC ), 704 x 576 ( PAL )
  • Playback resolution: D1 x 4
  • Hexaplex operation simultaneously: Preview, recording, playback, and network live, backup, playback
  • 1 RJ-45 Ethernet connector, Static, Dynamic IP and DDNS.
  • Support Internet Explorer and special client software Remote Control, PTZ, RS485 x 1, 2 × USB, 1 × IR Controller
  • 1 SATA Hard Disk interface

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