Network Video Recorder SVR-304 Basic

NVR Network Video Recorder SVR-304

svr304 nvr

Reliable NVR Network Video Recorder for SOHO

The SEEnergy SVR-304 Basic is designed for use within a surveillance system, and performs recordings and playbacks pictures from network cameras in the system. It is designed for small scale applications such as retail store. Up to 4 cameras can be connected via a network and it is possible to record their camera pictures. It is possible to perform the settings or operate the NVR using a web browser installed on a PC connected to a network and live videos can be viewed on major mobile devices through its web browser. Recorded video can be played back from remote site by a PC. It is possible to perform the settings and operate this unit. SVR-304 Basic is compatible with most major brand cameras and its ability to automatically search and find the available cameras on the network can greatly reduce the user effort when confguring the system.

High QualityVideo

Clear and High Quality Video

The NVR is capable of receiving and recording high quality H.264 video stream up to 1.3 MegaPixel at the same time. The device is managed through an easy-to-use web interface, and all functions are available with just a few clicks of the mouse. Not only you can view the videos in different layout, you can also set to view them in full screen or configure the web UI to automatically sequence through each channel automatically. You are also able to take snapshot of a viewing video, send and receive audio from the video or start recording right away all with just a single click.

Features Highlights

  • Manage up to 4 Network Cameras
  • Support up to 120fps @ 1.3MP (H.264)
  • Compatible with Major Brand Camera
  • High Quality Live/Playback Video
  • Export Playback Videos to AVI
  • E-map and Google Map Event Alert
  • Two-way Audio
  • SEEnergy Smart Camera Search
  • Mobile Devices Remote Monitoring
  • Easy to remove HDD Tray


4 Channel

4 Channel Synchronous Playback


Say you have multiple cameras set up at the entrance of the building from different direction. With synchronous playback, you are able to view playback videos recorded at the same time from up to 4 cameras. The web interface provides you the functions to search recorded videos by time or by event and you can stop, pause, fast forward or rewind the playback videos at anytime. You can perform digital zoom to a playback video if it was recorded in high resolution and you can also take a snapshot or export a portion of the recorded video as AVI file onto your local PC for further investigation


Advanced PTZ Control

Advanced PTZ Control

You can use the on-screen virtual PTZ panel to control movement of a PTZ camera. The PTZ movement speed is adjustable if the camera supports this function. You can configure multiple PTZ preset points in the NVR or synchronize them from the camera and use the virtual PTZ panel to jump through the preset points. You can also use the PTZ panel to start automatic sequence viewing among the preset points.

Visual Event Alerts Through Google Emap
Users get full experience of the Google map functions and visual notification of events that are coming from any cameras. The Google map is embedded to the NVR web UI, providing instant event notification along with camera’s geographic information. You can zoom in to a smaller region to monitor events from particular cameras within that region and if an event is triggered from a camera that is located outside of your current viewing area, the map moves automatically to the area of where the event trigger camera is located.

Live Monitor While On the Go

Live Monitor While On the Go

You should still be in control while you are on the go. The NVR can be connected with major smart phones and live images can be viewed with their built-in web browsers. No additional software or plugin required. You are able to view live images and perform PT control through the browser. You can also adjust the video refresh rate instantly if you are in a area where bandwidth is limited. 
Easy Access

Easy Access With Dynamic DNS


The NVR can connect to the Internet with a static IP or a dynamic IP, but it’s tedious to memorize the IP, not to mention if you need to manage more than one NVRs. Enter “Dynamic DNS, a service that is built-in to the NVR that allows you to manage it with a fixed domain name

Out-of-Box Scalability


The NVR is designed for multi-sites applications that can grow with your business. It is bundled with a central management software that can manage 16 NVRs (or up to 256Ch.). You can connect up to 5 monitors to the CMS station that lets you perform multiple critical functions at the same time and still keep you alerted. Your system is already expandable the moment you purchase it at no additional cost.
The firmware upgrade is as easy as placing a USB flash disk to the NVR. Simply place the firmware file in a USB flash disk and plug it into the NVR. The upgrade process starts automatically and it doesn’t require you to access the web interface.